• Aikido students practicing Koshinage (hip throw) technique.

  • Robin Ramirez Sensei demonstrates correct application of jujutsu technique.

  • Black belt karate student Kristy Loya demonstrating Nipaipo kata.

  • Robin Ramirez Sensei uses a shinken (sharp sword) to cut through a traditional target.

  • Youth Karate class practice sparring techniques with Ramirez Sensei.

  • Kokusai Nippon Budo Kai Intl. Headquarters at Sakura Budokan, Kingston Pennsylvania.

  • KNBK Soshihan, Carl Long, Kyoshi, instructs during KNBK Spring Gasshuku, May 2014.

We ARE Bakersfield’s Dojo for Traditional Japanese Martial Arts.

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The martial arts taught at our dojo differ in appearance, however, they are all expressions of one concept— “Budo.”

“Budo” literally translates to “martial way” or “warrior path." It is a journey of constant refinement and self-mastery; we study budo to empower our bodies, develop compassion and to subdue our ego— allowing us to overcome conflict within ourselves and others.

Through the practice of traditional martial arts— through good budo, we make ourselves, our community and our country stronger. Being a positive influence on humanity and the world is the ultimate goal.

When: May 1, 2014 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Where: Bakersfield Budo, 6801 White Lane #3, Bakersfield, CA 93309, USA

Spring Aikido Seminar with Damon Apodaca! It is our pleasure to welcome back Damon Apodaca, Chief Instructor and founder of Santa Fe Budokan for an Aikido Seminar on Thursday, May 1st! This will be Apodaca Sensei’s second Aikido seminar at Bakersfield Budo! We are once again looking forward to the opportunity to share … Continue reading

When: May 2, 2014 – May 4, 2014 all-day
Where: Bakersfield Budo, 6801 White Lane #3, Bakersfield, CA 93309, USA

May 2014; The Japanese Sword of the KNBK! Bakersfield Budo – Isshinkan Dojo is once again honored to host Carl Long Kyoshi, Soshihan of the Kokusai Nippon Budo Kai for an instructor seminar on Friday, May 2nd and a TWO DAY Gasshuku, Saturday, May 3rd and Sunday, May 4th. Friday’s … Continue reading

When: June 21, 2013 – June 23, 2013 all-day
Where: Bakersfield Budo, 6801 White Lane #3, Bakersfield, CA 93309, USA

Bakersfield Budo is excited to welcome back Sekai Dentokan Bugei Renmei President, Roy J. Hobbs, Hanshi, for an intensive weekend (June 21-23) of traditional Japanese Aiki-Jujutsu and modern self-defense Goshin-Jutsu training! The Sekai Dentokan Bugei Renmei, Inc. (World School of Traditional Martial Arts Federation, Inc.), formerly known as the Kokusai … Continue reading