Offering qualified instruction in Karate-Do, Aikido, and Iaido


Būdō— “Martial Way”

Call (661) 398-2100 to setup a free two-week trial.

Prospective Student Guide

All prospective students will begin a two-week trial before being allowed to sign-up for a dojo membership.
The trial period does not guarantee membership.

Be early for the class you intend to take so that instructors have time to go over dojo and class basics with you. In Japan, if you are merely on time, you are actually late, and if you are early, you are barely on time!

Dress appropriately. Comfortable clothing that allows for unrestrained mobility and physical exertion is necessary. Jewelry is not permitted to be worn during class due to the potential for injury to yourself and others.

No footwear of any kind is allowed on the dojo floor; shoe racks are provided for your convenience. If you cannot go barefoot, socks are permissible.

No food of any kind is allowed on the dojo floor.

COVID-19 & Public Health Protocols

We hope that for your safety and the safety of the communities you interact with that as a prospective student, you have undertaken a complete and current course of vaccination.

If you have not been vaccinated, we simply ask that you wear a proper fitting mask that covers both the nose and mouth while in the dojo.

If you have been in recent contact with someone who is ill, or, are ill yourself, please wait until your quarantine has ended before attending.

Beyond the clear health assets that vaccination and/or face coverings provide, these measures are also a sign of respect to your fellow students and instructors who also care a great deal for the friends and family they interact with.

Thank you!

空手道 Karate-Do

The Okinawan Goju-Ryu Bujutsu Kan of Bakersfield is a Shibu (member) dojo of the OGRKK— officially formed in June of 1999, by John S. O’Hara, Kyudan, Hanshi and Steve Wilson, Nannadan, Shihan. The purpose of the OGRKK is to practice, teach, and perpetuate the historical, technical, philosophical, and social implications of Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate Do.
Karate Do instruction is led by Charlie Tootle, Sensei, OGRKK Certified Godan.

Karate-Do class times:

  • Kids ages 6–14: 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm M,W
    (5-year-olds are considered on a case-by-case basis for maturity level)
  • Adults: 6:30 pm – 7:45 pm M,W

合気道 Aikido

Joining with the energy of an attack and redirecting it rather than meeting force with force, Aikido training emphasizes body throws, joint-locking techniques, physical fitness, mental focus, controlled relaxation and development of ki (spirit).

Aikido instruction is overseen by Jason Parsons, USAF Certified Yondan and Fukushidoin (副指導員).

Aikido class times:

7:15–8:30 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays weekly.

居合道 Iaido

Iaido is characterized by techniques that draw the sword and cut in one motion. The curriculum includes solo and paired practice that builds an awareness of distance, timing, and focus for effective and strategic use of the Japanese sword as taught in the tradition of the MJER maintained by the KNBK.

Iaido instruction is lead by David Loya, under the auspices of Carl Long, Hachidan, Hanshi, current Chairman and So-shihan of the KNBK.

Iaido class times:

6–7 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays weekly.

New students should arrive 15-30 minutes early for an introduction. Minimum age: 15 years old.

Zen Fellowship of Bakersfield

The Zen Fellowship of Bakersfield is dedicated to the practice of zazen (Zen meditation) in the Soto tradition of Taisen Deshimaru and Kodo Sawaki.

We are an American Zen Association member organization affiliated with the New Orleans Zen Temple, the Zen Fellowship of Alexandria, Louisiana, and the Mississippi Dojos in Starkville, Jackson, and Hattiesburg.

Click here to visit the official ZFB site.