It is our mission to share a unique selection of Japanese Martial Arts with the Southern Valley.

Within these arts is a system of etiquette hinged on courtesy, compassion and dignity.

SincerityBy learning traditional martial arts and participating in centuries-old lines of instruction, you can gain a sense of belonging to something bigger than yourself.

You become part of a living tradition.

Many different martial arts are offered in the world today, when searching for a school try and remember these very important things:

  • Any martial art absent of a system of etiquette can only transmit violence.
    Of course certain skills can be learned to compete in sports or self defense, but the only venue for sharing the virtue of those arts would be violent in nature.
  • Equally important, any school lacking the “martial,” meaning military or warrior training aspects should also be suspect; training in a martial art which lacks this element should be considered nothing more than dancing.

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