New Website!

Hello World! (always wanted to open a blog post like that)

Welcome to the new and improved Bakersfield Budo Website and Blog!

For the last year or so we’ve been working on a new logo and a website that reflect a contemporary design…

There’s also no doubt about importance of  social media in the world today so we’ve been working to increase our visibility on Facebook and we will continue to expand our social media ventures via appropriate outlets.

That said, visitors will notice a marked difference in the presentation of our content. Over the years we’ve gotten a lot of praise for the old website (much to my chagrin) and people have constantly told us how much time they’ve spent on it reading about the martial arts we teach. This made us realize that we were definitely not leaving people short of information to digest, but, we knew it could be better.

The road to modernization is fraught with dangers but yields glorious treasures! This is what we found after deciding that we needed to update our logo. What seemed to be a simple project turned into a deep exploration of what we were about, what we wanted to present to the world and what we wanted to establish for the future.

Dozens of designs where considered, discarded, resurrected, modified again, tweaked, pushed and pulled before finally, like the light of glorious dawn— it came to be.

About the logo itself— we’ve taken great care to make sure that the new artwork is:

  • Modern
  • Meaningful
  • Modular
  • Mucho Pretty

We know you feel the same! 😀

As for the characters (kanji) in the logo, the top horizontal line is the character for “ichi” meaning “one.” The second character comprised of the shapely verticals is the character “shin” meaning heart or spirit.

“Isshin” — One Heart.

This really embodies the ideas we hold dear in our practice of Japanese Martial Arts:

  • Budo (martial way) can make a person better.
  • Better people enhance their communities.
  • Good communities enhance society.

All martial artists seeking to better themselves and their communities share one spirit, one heart.

We practice different techniques with different names in different cities, states and countries, and we are all still participating in one idea: improve ourselves to improve the world.

Wow, that was heavy… but we think its true.

Chime in and tell us how you feel about the new logo!

…oh yes, back to the website…

So the new website had to take on a presentation that matched the new found elegance in the logo; the designs we had in place just did not cut it.

What we have now is a very readable (that’s really important), organized and easily manageable (for us) website. We want our visitors to find the new browsing experience refreshing and informative while being easily understood in its own right.

Much of the content for our classes has been refreshed. In some areas this has meant pruning highly detailed information that, really, you ought to hear from us in person. Other areas have been expanded to more accurately reflect the arts and our understandings of them and also to show how Bakersfield Budo links up to the rest of the world (which is also really important).

The integration of a blog has also been a long time goal. We are now using the wordpress platform to write articles, detailed news and event items and other things of importance for our current and prospective 🙂  members.

New features are being planned:

  • STORE! Using the popular Big Cartel platform we are planning the Bakersfield Budo store to be a one-stop-shop for martial arts equipment (tried and tested) and the all-important dojo swag featuring the new logo awesomeness.
  • Member Area: We have a lot of resources. Video, pictures and documents that we want to share with our members. This is a big long term goal and we are planning to roll this out in the coming year.

Things are happening at Bakersfield Budo; we hope you find the new website to be a great experience that it helps provoke a visit to our beautiful facilty!

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